09/14 Keds

Taylor Swift is in town so RedPenny casts her some friends for a weekend shoot out at the beach.

04/17 Doug Mangskau

Doug Mangskau joins RedPenny as the head casting director.

08/14 KPMG

RedPenny casts the first ad shoot in the history of this Big Four company, traveling to Maryland to cast for the Baltimore shoot.

08/14 Lyrica

RP casts plus size woman for Lyrica.

08/14 Tate&Lyle

Continuing with the theme, RP casts real families, brothers and sisters and many other roles for, this time, the Making Food Extraordinary campaign.

08/14 Aetna

RP casts three generations of men, couples and others for lifestyle shoot with Richard Schultz.

07/14 Discreet

Thanks for the referral, Chicago! Suzi Bittles books RP for Discreet.  Talent to shoot in South America. Lucky talent!

07/14 Westin Kids

RedPenny holds a casting to book five 6-12 kids for Westin Kids Resort.  Unsurprisingly, the talent show their parents how to fill out the iPad.

07/14 BlackRock Investments

Picture Farm brings a two-phase, multi-ad campaign to RedPenny to cast a real three-generation family, video-gaming couples and avid cyclists, among others.

05/14 Starwood

Starwood Hotels and Resorts comes direct to RedPenny to capture the enthusiasm of real travel agents and event planners with photo stills and video, all posted on RP’s unique interactive casting site.

05/14 OraGuard

SKS Productions calls on RedPenny to cast multi-ethnic doctors for OraGuard abuse deterrent technology.

06/13 Nordstrom

Northwest meets Northeast when Seattle-based Nordstrom Stores comes to NYC to shoot babies and kids cast by RedPenny for the Holiday Catalog.

04/14 Verizon

Working from the New York studio, RedPenny provides seamless casting for the Atlanta-based photoshoot.

03/14 Vonage

RedPenny casts and manages bookings of 17+ talent for photo production involving 26 shots in 2 days.  On location in Connecticut.  With all talent self-reporting.

03/14 Beazley Insurance

PlanetPrePro comes to RedPenny to cast hackers for Beazley Insurance. RP applies this formula for pre-selecting talent: who can do the best job of pulling off a polyester track suit?

04/13 Mitchell Stores

Preeminent fashion photographer Sergio Kurhajec brings Mitchell Stores to RedPenny for talent that will complete the juxtaposition of couture and real people.

02/14 Chase Simple Life

Photographer Richard Schultz calls on RedPenny to cast The Simple Life campaign to be shot in northern California. RP preps from New York; local San Francisco crew shoots the casting.

03/13 MAM

Baby and kid pro, photographer Margaret Lampert returns to RedPenny to cast real moms and babies for MAM, designer of unique baby products.

12/13 Seasonique

Found Productions’ Cristin Shea enlists RedPenny to cast a range of women to represent multiple global regions for Seasonique contraceptive.

11/13 Pepsi

RedPenny recruits a gaggle of sports enthusiasts to spend a wintry day at the Meadowlands mugging for Marcus Smith’s camera.  Ads to go big in Times Square and elsewhere during the pre-Super Bowl frenzy.

10/13 US Trust

Hill Holliday’s Boston crew head south for a photoshoot with talent cast by RedPenny. It was great to work with art buyer Kate Geskos again.  Looking forward to the next time!

09/13 Vedo

Photographer Chris Crisman and SKS Productions ask RedPenny to cast multicultural, including Ashkenazi talent.

02/13 Carnival Cruise Lines

NY talent are reminded why it’s good to keep one’s passport current. You just might get booked for a week-long shoot on a cruise to the sunny Bahamas in the middle of February.

08/13 Pfizer

MergeLeft Reps’ calls RedPenny to cast 4 seniors, including Korean and Japanese talent.

11/12 Chevron

On the heels of Hurricane Sandy, RedPenny busts open the casting doors and gets back to work.  Neither hail nor rain nor hurricane… 

07/13 Charles Schwab

Related Production and photographer Doug Menuez come to RedPenny to cast for 50+ roles including real families and real financial advisors.

08/12 MTV

RP reco'd by director Patrick Cummings to street cast "down the shore".  20+ kids and adults booked for promo of MTV's Jersey Shore series finale.

07/12 NTT Data

RP casts, books -- and preps -- 40 talent for 4 shoot days with 12 setups per day. Japan client thrilled with the results.

04/13 Clearasil/Richardson-Vicks

SKS Productions comes to RedPenny to cast “girl next door” type with flawless skin, nice smile and an ethnically ambiguous look.  Sounds easy.

03/13 Triscuit

London-based photographer David Stewart comes to NY to shoot talent provided by RedPenny for Triscuit’s new Brown Rice cracker.

02/13 Delta Air

Wonderful Machine calls on RedPenny to cast travelers for Delta Air for a high-security shoot at Kennedy Airport. 

02/13 Kazano

RedPenny has the honor of working with their Philly fave, Cris Crisman, when he calls them to cast for Kazano.

01/12 mcgarrybowen

Chevron and Agency return to RP for casting of NY talent to be photographed on location in PA.

08/12 ConEd

RP casts for Boston-based photographer Michael Warren who comes to town to shoot ConEd Green Team campaign.

05/13 Chevron

mcgarry bowen returns to RedPenny with more Chevron work, this time for Recruitment.

06/12 Blackberry RIM

RP casts 20 global talent for RIM and the camera of Bill Gallery who is known for shooting lights- and crew-free.

04/12 Target

Margaret Lampert and Olson Advertising come to RP for tons o' kids for Target.

06/11 Minute Maid

Ogilvy & Mather and Minute Maid come to RP for great talent for global campaign.

03/12 Chase WAC

RP crew treks to SanFrancisco to hit the streets in search of real barbers, nurses and barbecue chefs for Chase Bank's small business services, wraps the week with studio casting of real talent.

05/11 Men's Health Magazine

Men's Health and Women's Health Magazines need talent "tomorrow". Within 48 hours talent is cast, posted, approved and booked. 

03/12 Cadillac

RP casts fashion models for Cadillac and photographer Jan Steinhilber.

02/12 Pfizer

RP brings in hundreds of multi-ethnic kids and babies for Pfizer.

01/12 Pitney Bowes

RP casts the perfectly ethnically androgynous every-woman for Pitney Bowes' Annual Report.

11/11 Pfizer

Juice Pharma Worldwide contacts RP with an unusual casting request. Many exuberantly dancing men and one casting day later, agency is thrilled by the results.

10/11 Huawei Technologies

OTTO Design New York books RP to cast Huawei's first branding ad.

09/11 Veterans Admn

Photographer Robb Scharetg awards RP the task of street-casting men and women veterans who'd served in Korea, Vietnam and Mideast conflicts.

07/11 Chevron ARC

mcgarrybowen looks to RP to solve the puzzle of casting Angolan and Kazakh talent for Chevron.

04/11 PUMA Social

Droga5 and their client PUMA Social call on RP to bring in hundreds of hipsters to cast the ad campaign.

02/11 Suzanne Stack Joins RedPenny

Suzanne Stack joins RedPenny February 14 as Casting Director.